Barnsley Biodiversity Trust.  Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Last Updated March 2016

Habitats. The overall 2009 Biodiversity Action Plan adopted by Barnsley Council, identifies 17 individual habitat action plans given here.

Lowland mixed deciduous woodland


Wet woodland HAP3

Upland Oakwood HAP1

Wood Pasture and Parkland HAP4


Arable Field Margins HAP6

Hedgerows HAP5

Flood Plain Grazing Marsh HAP7


Lowland Meadows HAP8

Lowland Dry Acidic Grassland HAP9

Lowland Heathland HAP10

Upland Heathland HAP11

Purple Moor Grass & Rush Meadow


Standing water: Ponds HAP15

Reedbeds HAP14

Rivers HAP16

Open Mosaic Habitats on previously developed land HAP17

Blanket Bog HAP 12