Barnsley Biodiversity Trust is made up of individuals and representatives of organisations with an interest in Barnsley’s biodiversity - its landscapes, habitats, sites and wildlife. Together we raise awareness of biodiversity issues and take action to promote Barnsley's biodiversity. This benefits all who live in and visit Barnsley.


BBT is a partner in a number of bodies and activities. These include

Barnsley Biological Records Centre  

Barnsley Sites Partnership  

Dearne Valley Green Heart NIA  

South Yorkshire Biodiversity Forum

South Yorkshire Nature Partnership


Images in this website are from the Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan 2008 and are by Eric Bennett, Laurie Campbell, Geoff Carr, Mark Hamblin, Richard Hewer, NHPA and Ian Robinson.

Additional photographs by Gordon Bristowe, Colin Graham, Ron Marshall, Peter Roberts and Alwyn Timms. It is the intention over time to include only photographs from Barnsley.

Groups participating as partners in the work of the BBT include:

Barnsley Bird Study group  

Barnsley Council  

Barnsley Naturalist and Scientific Society

Don Catchment River Trust

Environment Agency

Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group

Forestry Commission    

Groundwork Dearne Valley  

Natural England  


Sorby Natural History Society  

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust  

South Yorkshire Badgers Group    

South Yorkshire Bats Group  

South Yorkshire Forest   

Wentworth Castle Trust

Yorkshire Naturalist Union

Peter Roberts, 2015- 2018, chair

Monica Ward, 2013-2016, secretary

David Allen, 2015-2018, treasurer

Colin Graham, 2015-2018

Jill Hayler, 2013-2016

Mick Birkinshaw, 2014-2017
Alwyn Timms, 2014-2017

Pete Wall 2017-

Trustees are elected for three years.


31 Thurlstone Rd, Penistone. S36 9EF

Also give us your comments on biodiversity in Barnsley, the work of the Barnsley Biodiversity Trust, and our new Biodiversity Plan via our home page or

barnsleybiodiversity wordpress site

Drop us an email if you'd like to contact us or to be on our mailing list for updates and information about meetings and activities.


BBT AGM 2014 Minutes January 2015

BBT Annual Report 2013-14

BBT AGM 2013 minutes January 2014

BBT Annual Report 2012-13

BBT AGM 2012 Minutes

BBT Annual Report Nov 2012

Biodiversity officer report 28.01.2015

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