Barnsley Biodiversity Trust: Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Last Updated January 2016

National Priority Species
- UK BAP / Section 41 list

Red List Species

Amber List Species

Other species on Amber List  identified as Local Priority

National Priority Species on Amber List

Avocet -Schedule 1

Common tern

House martin
Kingfisher -Schedule 1





Willow warbler

Bittern*(2015) -Schedule 1



Nightjar (2015)

Red Grouse

Reed Bunting.

Notes: *Included in previous Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plans as Local Priority Species.

National priority species: listed in UKBAP 2007 as superceded by Section 41 list of species of principal importance.

Schedule 1.  Specific breeding birds with additional protection for  their young and their nests under Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981.

Red, Amber, Green listed in Birds of Conservation Concern November 2015 (BoCC4)

Other Local Priority Species

National priority species total: 26

Local priority species total 47 ?

List of Local Priority Species in Barnsley - all breeding and/or overwintering in Barnsley

National Priority Species on Red List


Curlew (2015)

Grey Partridge*

Grasshopper Warbler

House Sparrow


Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Lesser Redpoll


Ring Ouzel (2015)


Spotted Flycatcher


Song Thrush*

Tree Pipit

Tree Sparrow*

Willow Tit

Wood Warbler


Yellow Wagtail.

Grey wagtail (2015)

Merlin (2015) - Schedule 1

Mistle thrush (2015)

Pied flycatcher (2015)

Pochard (2015)

Ringed Plover (2015)

Whinchat (2015)

Woodcock (2015)

All prior to 2015 on amber list.

All breeding in Barnsley(8)



Both overwintering in significant numbers in Barnsley (2)

Total number of red list birds breeding in Barnsley: 28
and with over-wintering birds: 30.

Curlew and Ring Ouzel prior to 2015 on amber list.

All breeding in Barnsley. (20)

Other species on Red List

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Although the above 47? Local Priority Species have been identified within this Barnsley Local Priority Plan, actions can be taken to conserve other bird species which have also suffered declines in numbers or are under threat.

Green List Species

Barn Owl* -Schedule 1

Little Ringed Plover* -Schedule 1

Breeding in Barnsley (2)

Other species on Green List identified as Local Priority

Bittern and Nightjar prior to 2015 on red list

All breeding in Barnsley (6)

All breeding in Barnsley (9)