Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Post-15 BAP. Updated to 2023




Sites qualifying as having sufficient significance for consideration for Local Wildlife Site status will include one or more of:

Local Wildlife Sites primarily designated
for their Bat roosts

54 Old Mill Lane Culvert Bat Roost

61 Romticle Viaduct/Thurgoland Tunnel

Other Local Wildlife Sites with notable bat roost or foraging areas

22 Stainborough Park

23 Rockley Woods

24 Worsbrough Reservoir

38 Old Moor & Wath Ings

46 Elsecar Reservoir

Distribution of Bat species in Barnsley

Bats are found in a range of habitats including urban areas, farmland and woodland, and near water.

There are two Local Wildlife Sites designated for bats in Barnsley and a number of others that have bats roosting and can be seen feeding. [See below]

Map showing good areas for bats - to follow in due course

Bat species distribution

Bat species in Barnsley

Common Pipistrelle: common, widespread

Soprano Pipistrelle: fairly common

Nathusius’ Pipistrelle: very rare

Daubenton’s: fairly common, widespread

Brown long eared: localised

Natterer’s: localised

Noctule: uncommon

Whiskered: uncommon

Leisler’s: scarce

Brandt’s very rare

National trends indicate that Common Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle and Natterer’s bats have increased in numbers since 1999. Other bat species have probably remained stable. [There’s not enough data for identifying a trend for Brandt’s.]