Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Post-15 BAP. Updated to 2023




Rush Pasture Sites:

Pockets of this habitat occur in Barnsley across the broad swathe of land between Ingbirchworth, Broadstone, Crow Edge, Langsett and Cubley.

Rush Pasture can also be found on poorly drained parts of reclaimed colliery tips such as Barrow and Cudworth common.

The areas within Barnsley are possibly not classified as pure Purple Moor Grass and Rush Pastures but are important locally.

Local Wildlife Sites
with rush pasture present:

1 Western moors

2 Whitley edge

4 Ingbirchworth reservoir?

5 Royd moor reservoir?

6 Scout dyke reservoir?


Local Wildlife Site criteria

For consideration as a Local Wildlife Site in its own right, Rush Pasture needs to be over 0.5ha in area and score 12+ from a list of key plant species.

Rush Pasture may also be considered because of the populations and assemblages of breeding waders, or other key species.  

Not all species-rich areas of rush pasture have been designated as local wildlife sites.

Designated Sites.

Although some Rush Pasture may be found within the Dark Peak SSSI, it is likely to be classed as marshy grassland within Upland Flushes, Fens and Swamps.

There are a number of Local Wildlife Sites with Rush Pasture present often in in a mosaic with other habitats.

9 Brock Holes

8 Hartcliffe Hill

21 Falthwaite and Lowe wood?

24 Worsbrough Reservoir

41 Wharncliffe chase

51 Barrow colliery

A map showing these areas is proposed to follow

Rush pasture

Rush Pasture