Barnsley Biodiversity Trust: Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. DRAFT Last Updated December 2018

Butterfly Species: Objectives

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What is being done

Proposed actions

Legal Protection

Dingy Skipper, Small Heath, Wall Brown, White-letter Hairstreak and Small Blue are all species of principal importance, listed under Section 41 of the Natural Environment & Rural Communities Act.

As such the presence of these Section 41 butterflies needs to be taken into consideration for conservation by any public body  when performing its functions.

This includes avoiding sites with a colony for development and promoting their conservation and enhancement.

In Barnsley a site with colony of species of principal importance is of sufficient priority to be designated a Local Wildlife Site.

Local Wildlife Sites have a presumption against development but no protection against operations that do not require planning or change of use consent.

The Small Blue and White-lettered Hairstreak have legal protection under Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) against sale.

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