Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Post-15 BAP. Updated to 2023




Upland heath moors

Local Wildlife Site criteria

The criteria for Upland Heathland to be considered as a LWS are that the sites:

The best sites will have a good range of notable plants and support good populations of key species.

Designated sites.

Upland heathland in Barnsley is found in the Dark Peak SSSI and Pennine Moors SPA and SAC.

The “Barnsley Western Moors” Local Wildlife Site abuts the SSSI and also includes Upland heathland.

No other LWS in Barnsley contains Upland heathland.

Some heathland that is not part of the open moorland and is around the 300 contour, is probably best considered as intermediate between upland and lowland heath.

Brockholes and Hartcliff Hill LWS contain this intermediate heathland.

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 Upland Heathland Sites

Upland heath covers extensive areas of the slopes of the Pennine moors in the west of Barnsley above the 300 metre contour.

In Barnsley there is 298 ha of upland heath, almost 1% (0.91%) of the district, with 14 sites identified. It mainly falls within the Peak District National Park.

Upland heath