Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Post-15 BAP. Updated to 2023




Brown and Mountain Hare Distribution in Barnsley

The Brown Hare is fairly widespread across Barnsley outside the moorlands where suitable habitats exist but in most places where they are found the numbers are not high.

Around 250 Brown Hares were projected to exist in Barnsley following a survey of sample squares. The species was found on a variety of suitable habitats but particularly grazed pastures, cereal fields and grassland on former industrial sites. An especially high population was found in an area which was protected as a nature reserve.

Brown Hare was however absent from areas of farmland where it would have been expected. This could be due to a high Fox population, disease and human disturbance or shooting.

Mountain Hare, as shown in surveys, is fairly widespread on the Barnsley upland moors

Map showing main areas where Brown Hare and Mountain Hare can be found to follow

Map to follow

Mountain Hare

Brown Hare -areas where found in surveys

Brown and Mountain Hare Distribution