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Standing Advice

General Standing Advice: Protected Species -how to review planning applications [Link]

Protected Species

Standing Advice is also provided on::

These give both general advice and specific advice on certain protected species and the nature of their protection.

Protected Species

Where a development might affect protected species on or near a proposed site, specific issues may apply and be considered by planning authorities in deciding whether to approve or refuse an application.

Many of these species are also given protection by law outside the planning process. The protection varies depending on the species.

Natural England has published general Standing Advice on Protected Species. It sets out ways to identify the potential impacts of development and the risk reduction, mitigation and compensation measures that may be necessary if planning applications are to be approved

It also gives advice to landowners, developers and ecologists on the steps they must take to avoid harming the protected species and falling foul of the law in advance of a planning application as well as when conducting surveys.

Restrictions may still apply to a roost or nest when the wildlife species itself is not present.

In many cases special licences must be applied for.

Specific standing advice is also available for individual protected species or type of species. This covers:

Guidance has also been published on
Construction near protected areas and wildlife

European Protected Species

Bats (all species)

Great Crested Newt (Triturus cristatus)

Otter (Lutra lutra)