Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Post-15 BAP. Updated to 2023




LWS including hedgerow

13 North Wood

27 Carlton Marsh

30 Short wood and Hay Green

33 Red Brook Pastures

57 Swaithe Flood Meadows

58 Wool Greaves Meadows

LWS including species-rich hedgerow

32 Hood Green Pastures

44 Black Lane Hedgerows, Tankersley

Hedgerows and Local Wildlife Sites

The LWS selection criteria on the basis of the hedgerow itself are:

See also criteria for priority habitat in favourable condition on conservation page.

Hedgerow sites

Ancient, species-rich hedgerows are most likely to be found in the medieval field systems enclosed from woodland or commons before the parliamentary enclosure acts.

In Barnsley these field systems may be found in between High Hoyland and Pilley; near Ingbirchworth; north of Penistone; and near Langsett, Darton, Darfield, Grimethorpe, Hoyland and Great Houghton.

21 important hedgerows have been identified in Barnsley: 13 species-rich old lanes, six species-rich hedgerows and two hedgerow banks. Only one, Black Lane, has LWS status as a hedgerow.

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Hawthorn hedgerow with cow parsley Hedgerow with trees near Hoyland

Hedgerow Sites