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Local Wildlife Sites

The following Local Wildlife Sites include willow carr:

11 Gunthwaite Dam, Clough Wood

24 Worsbrough Reservoir

46 Elsecar Reservoir

48 Bretton Park,

23 Rockley Woods

26 Cliffe Wood,

25 Barnsley Canal at Wilthorpe,

40 Forge & Tin Mill Rocher,

To be continued …

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A network of scrub habitat in Barnsley found on former railway tracks and previously developed sites is important for a range of wildlife species including Willow Tit.

Patches of scrub and lines of scrub thicket can be found in a majority of LWS and in some cases are causing damage to the main priority habitat for which they are designated. However scrub as part of the habitat matrix also benefits the wildlife in many sites .

Areas of dense scrub along the river Dearne have been identified as possible resting places for Otter.

Scattered scrub at Barnsley Main colliery site Scrub alongside existing railway track

Scrub can be be found alongside streams, former railway tracks and waggonways, where hedgerows have been allowed to thicken and widen, in willow carr wet woodland, and on numerous previously developed sites that nature has taken over.