Barnsley Biodiversity Trust: Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Last Updated October 2018 Running water header River Don

Key objectives for running water habitat


Environment Agency: has regulatory powers and responsibilities to maintain and improve main rivers, as well as a general duty to promote biodiversity

Landowners with land adjoining a water course have responsibilities set out in Environment Agency guidance.

Living on the Edge’ Environment Agency.

A number of organisations including land fill bodies may offer grants for habitat improvement along water courses.

Barnsley council as a planning authority can ensure in relevant cases that the biodiversity value of water courses and their surroundings are maintained and enhanced. It can require EIAs and set conditions in planning approvals.

Voluntary groups and volunteers can help with conservation work of water courses and their surroundings.

Local groups and volunteers can also help provide  information about the condition of our water courses and collect records of the wildlife seen there.

Actions taken

Proposed actions

Targets and priority actions