Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Post-15 BAP. Updated to 2023




Hedgehog Distribution in Barnsley

Hedgehog appears to be widespread across Barnsley, being found from the upland fringe to farmland in the Dearne Valley.

However they appear to be declining in farmland areas and becoming more common in urban and suburban areas with plentiful gardens and green spaces.

It is intended to provide a map showing the areas of Barnsley in which Hedgehog has been recorded in due course.

Hedgehog foraging in dead leaves

Map to follow


Identification of particular concentrations of Hedgehog in Local Wildlife Sites are difficult to achieve and therefore this species is only considered as a contributing factor towards the designation of Local Wildlife Sites.

It is intended to give more information on LWS and other sites where Hedgehogs are present in some numbers.

Hedgehog Distribution