Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Post-15 BAP. Updated to 2023




Standing Water Conservation

Factors causing loss or decline

Legal protection

In Barnsley there are some small ponds and standing water given legal protection by being within areas designated as SPA or SSSIs - eg Dark Peak moors.

More examples in the Dearne Valley Wetlands have recently been protected by SSSI status for the bird species supported.

Other ponds and lakes have some legal protection through being within Local Nature Reserves.

Other ponds, lakes,  stretches of canal, and indeed reservoirs in Barnsley are in areas designated as Local Wildlife Sites and therefore there is a presumption against development or change of use when planning consent is required.

Specific wildlife species of ponds and standing water are given protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Licences are required from Natural England for Great Crested Newt, including pond dipping where great crested newts are present.

Good practice in conservation management

Ponds and standing water bodies are best sustained by:

Athersley Memorial Pond

 Standing Water Conservation

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Bretton parkland lake on Barnsley border Canal standing water