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Key objectives for hedgerows

*Specifically … populations and mapping of breeding Cuckoo, Song Thrush, Dunnock, Bullfinch, Linnet, Yellowhammer.

*all known and potential White-letter Hairstreak sites in hedgerows.


Landowners and tenants:

Barnsley Council

As well as being a landowner, Barnsley Council is the planning authority with the responsibility of administering the hedgerow regulations in Barnsley.  

In planning decisions Barnsley Council can set conditions to ensure that the biodiversity value of existing hedgerows is maintained and potentially enhanced.

Natural England

administers the Environmental Stewardship Scheme which offers voluntary 10-year agreements for managing and restoring farmland habitats including hedgerows.

Funding funding under the Single Payment Scheme requires hedgerows to be kept in Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition

Voluntary groups and volunteers

Actions taken

Proposed actions

Marking progress

This Great Birtish Hedgerow Survey is an interactive survey which can be used by landowners, managers and others.

It provides an instant health check for any hedge surveyed, as well as tailor made management advice to help your hedgerow thrive.