Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan. Post-15 BAP. Updated to 2023.




Local Wildlife Sites are identified as the most important areas for biodiversity outside statutory designated sites. They are selected and designated for their locally important, distinctive, and threatened habitats and species. This is in order to protect them from inappropriate development and promote the conservation of their biodiversity.

Local Wildlife Sites are not given special legal protection, but designation as a Local Wildlife site is a material consideration in any planning  application for development or change of use, and their conservation management is encouraged if not enforced.

 1 Western Moors, SE150020

 2 Whitley Edge, SE189049

 3 Broadstone Reservoir, SE193063

 4 Ingbirchworth Reservoir, SE214060

 5 Royd Moor Reservoir, SE222048

 6 Scout Dyke Reservoir, SE 233048

 7 Small Shaw & High Bank, SE 05043

 8 Hartcliff Hill, SE221018

 9 Brock Holes, SE228013

10 Hollin and Spring Woods, SE228013

11 Gunthwaite Dam/Clough Wood, SE245062

12 Margery Wood, SE275057

13 North Wood, SE274048

14 Royd, Vicar, Lindley & Coates Great Woods, SE278038

15 Black Moor Common, SE275007

16 Silkstone Fall Wood, SE 93059

17 Daking Brook, SE224064 SE371091

18 Mag Wood Meadow, SE299013

19 deleted (Vicar Wood Meadow)

20 Hugset Wood, SE304068

21 Falthwaite & Lowe Wood, SE315035

22 Stainborough Park, SE323034

23 Rockley Woods, SE330018

24 Worsbrough Reservoir, SE347034*

25 Barnsley Canal at Wilthorpe, SE336084

26 Cliffe Wood, SE365067

28 Stairfoot Disused Railway, SE373064

29 Wombwell Wood, SE378025

30 Short Wood & Hay Green, SE353017*

31 Sunny Bank, Horse Carr & Storrs Wood, SE389066

32 Hood Green Pastures, SE312032

33 Redbrook Pastures, SE322071

34 West Haigh Wood, SE425085

39 Bolton-on-Dearne wetland, SE458031

40 Forge & Tin Mill Rocher, SE294992

41 Wharncliffe Chase and Wood, SK 315945

42 West Wood, SK334987

43 Sowell Pond, SK338997

44 Black Lane, SK365983

45 Skiers Spring Wood, SK369994

46 Elsecar Reservoir, SK382994

47 Hoyland Bank Wood, SE272105

48 Bretton Park, SE283123

49 Barnsley Canal, SE370125

50 Wogden Foot, SE175026

52 deleted (Brierley Meadows)

53 Kendal Scrub Green, SE340037

54 Old Mill Lane Culvert Bat Roost, SE351072

56 Potter Holes Plantation, SE993343

57 deleted (Swaithe Flood Meadows)

58 Wool Greaves Meadow, SE268058

59 Thurgoland Glow Worm site, SE293003

60 Rabbit Ings SE380118*

61 Romticle Viaduct/Thurgoland Tunnel SE282007

62 Mapplewell Tip SE323096

63 Elsecar Colliery SE390003

64 Woolley Bank and Bell Bank Wood

Former LWS now included in Dearne Valley Wetlands SSSI:

27 Carlton Marsh, SE 370900

35 Edderthorpe Ings, SE413068

36 Broomhill Flash/Wombwell Ings, SE416047

37 Gipsy Marsh, SE418023

38 Old Moor & Wath Ings, SE430023

51 Barrow Colliery, SE361028

55 Parkhill Nature Reserve, SE405030

LWS with boundaries adjusted to exclude areas within SSSIs
 1 Western Moors, SE150020

24 Worsbrough Reservoir, SE347034*

0 Short Wood & Hay Green, SE353017*

60 Rabbit Ings SE380118*

Local Wildlife Sites in Barnsley

This list is regularly reviewed and other sites in Barnsley may warrant Local Wildlife Site status. There are over 50 LWS in Barnsley.

Local designated sites

A Local Wildlife Sites Panel meets to identify and designate a comprehensive range of Local Wildlife Sites.

It is made up of representatives of Barnsley Council, Barnsley Biodiversity Trust, and partner organisations that have a remit to protect and enhance biodiversity in Barnsley.


Defra: Local Sites: Guidance on their identification, selection and management identifies ten criteria for consideration:

*Size; *diversity; *naturalness; *rare or exceptional features; *typicalness; *fragility; *recorded history and cultural associations; *connectivity; *value for appreciation of nature; *value for learning.

The Local Wildlife Sites Panel follows this guidance and has adopted specific site assessment criteria for:

The habitats found in Local Wildlife Sites include almost all the priority habitats found in Barnsley. See link for further information.

Local Wildlife Sites are often on private land and, as such, there is no right of public access due to their status.

Cliffe Wood Keepers Pond in Stainborough Park

Locally Designated Sites